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Types of Locksmiths

Types of Locksmiths

There are different types of locksmiths (or categories of locksmith). These include: residential, commercial, industrial, vehicle and emergency.

Residential Locksmiths


Residential locksmiths provide security solutions for houses, apartments and condos. Assignments include: altering the locking systems of doors; providing with supporting keys; and suggesting the most suitable locking systems for individual customer’s needs.

Commercial Locksmiths

Commercial locksmiths deal with lock systems for commercial buildings like schools and office buildings.They provide security solutions related to the entrance of the school building or office premises. The significance of this can be undermined by the increasing incidence of crime in these places.They also deal with issues related to employee admission into restricted areas of a building premises and after-hours safety measures. This type of service is more complex in nature and has to be performed by locksmiths having technical know how about locking systems like fingerprint or security card-based locks

Industrial Locksmiths

Large production and manufacturing facilities like factories, warehouses and stores also need some locking device to avoid incidents related to theft. Locksmiths offer considerable support for industrial premises by securing it with locks on the warehouse garage doors and truck entries and also forklifts, filing cabinets.

Industrial Locksmiths

Emergency services offered by some locksmiths round the clock are really handy for anybody who finds themselves locked inside or outside a house, vehicle or any other building. These circumstances are unforeseen and need to be handled there and then.

Vehicle Locksmiths

Vehicle locksmiths work with vehicle lock systems. They can also unlock vehicles when you lock your keys inside.


These locksmiths possess special skills and tools for cutting locks and keys, unlocking doors of vehicles or home and also remove locks.



Tasks like lock selection, lock bumping, lock bypass and lock impression.

















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